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                            Seventh Generation GrandMaster Wong Kum Hoong






1917 - 1991

The Late GrandMaster Wong Kum Hoong was born in the year 1917 in Tiger Hill Village of Tai Shan County of Guangdong Province.



GrandMaster Wong Kum Hoong, the disciple of Grandmaster Loh Kwang Yu, trained for the Seven-Star Praying Mantis. At that time, GM Loh's teaching was very demanding and required followers to have his disciples to have a very good and solid foundation.


GM Wong joined Chin Woo Association Hong Kong in 1930.

In 1935, at the age of 19 years, GM Wong Kum Hoong represented Wu Zhou Chin Chin Athletic Association in entering the Martial Arts Competition of Guangxi Province and captured a boxing title achieving a Championship in the First, Second and Final Competition.



GM Wong became very well-known and was retained by the Wu Zhou Chin Woo Athletic Assocation as Chief Instructor, as well as, being appointed as the Instructor for the Wai Man Martial Arts Association. During the China wars in the 40s, GM Wong migrated to Penang, Malaysia with family members seeking new ventures, and it was during that time, GM Wong introduced the Praying Mantis Kung Fu to Malaysia. GM Wong, not only was he well-known in the Praying Mantis Kung Fu but he was also well-respected by friends from all walks of life. He was appointed as the Patron of the Chinese Martial Arts Association of Penang, as well as the Chief Instructor for the Canton Foo Sun Martial Arts Society, Guang Sai Wu Chow Chin Woo, Hong Kong Wai Tang Martial Art Society, Hong Kong Mang Keong Athletic Association and the Principal Chief Instructor for the Penang Chin Woo Athletic Association.



After the World War II, GM Wong settled in Penang and established his own Seven-Star Praying Mantis Physical Culture Institute as Founder Chief Instructor, and in the year 1978, the Penang Tang Martial Arts Society was formed and he became the Principal Chief Instructor until his passing in 1991 in Penang, Malaysia.



For the past 50 years, GM Wong devoted most of his time in teaching the Praying Mantis and through his great success and contribution in spreading the Seven-Star Praying Mantis throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom and many other parts of the world, the art of the Seven-Star Praying Mantis remains active in Penang, Malaysia.



                          Sixth Generation GrandMaster Loh Kwang Yu


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